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Years ago it was inconceivable that the people living in the Zapata Swamp, a UNESCO-recognised biosphere reserve in western Cuba, would one day stop using the forest here to make charcoal, extract precious wood, or hunt crocodile and deer. San Lázaro Channel, was one of the channels they use to bring the charcoal from the island to the sea, same on that you´ll travel to your Live Aboard Yacht for your accommodation during your fishing week.

Just 9,300 people live in the 4,322-sq-km Ciénaga de Zapata, the most sparsely populated municipality in this country of 11.2 million people. The area’s wealth lies in its vast forests, swamps that cover 1,670 sq km, and more than 165 migratory and autochthonous species, like the Cuban crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer).

In 2000, UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation – declared the wetlands, which occupy the entire Zapata peninsula and surrounding areas, a biosphere reserve. A year later, the Ramsar Convention included it on its list of wetlands of international importance. The Ciénaga de Zapata, in the province of Matanzas, it is the best-preserved wetlands system in the Caribbean islands.

To strengthen the protection of the wetlands, the Cuban government made a submission to UNESCO in 2003 for the Ciénaga de Zapata to be declared a World Heritage Site.

All the water surrounded this protective area, will be your fishing zone for the week. So, you imagine what we are talking about, and count on us that we´ll continue our major efforts for more protection of the marine environment.

Zapata area will be your base for the week, fishing from the live aboard Georgiana, you will have plenty of time and the best day schedule to fish the tides, that are the key for a good saltwater trip. Since there´s no need to left the flats, you stay at the flats during the week, you take your options base on what species your targeting. For example; everyone knows that a incoming tide is excellent to wait for bonefish push in the flats.

We´ll focus on zones and skiff rotation, so you can fish 4 days in single skiff/guide and two days in double skiff/guide. With this we insure you the access for the better areas of our fishing zone. For skinny waters flats you will be fishing from flat bottom single skiff, so you can access the best areas for bonefish and permit, with our dolphin double skiff you could fish the best waters for tarpon and travel by deeper water further from the yacht.

Please review the following info to check what we are talking about.

This luxury yacht full constructed and designed for outdoor purposes, is an exceptional and exclusive 100 feet vessel with comfortable cabins, private bathroom used for weekly trips inside the Marine Park of Zapata Peninsula.

Cuisine on Georgiana is gourmet but simple. Fresh fish of the day is utilized for most meals, salads with fresh vegetables and a variety of fruits are always available and a good alternative to a daily diet. In addition, you’ll have excellent pork and chicken entrees during the week, fresh sashimi and italian style pizzas for appetizers and some of the finest frozen Daiquiris, Cuba Libre and Mojitos to make your afternoons and nights an enjoyable culinary experience.

Regarding fishing, this yacht will be located in the east side of the Canarreos, where after an intensive research we have assigned 10 different fishing areas, planning to introduce a rotation system, similar to the one used in Cayo Largo. This allows to reduce fishing pressure on each area, having non spooky fish, and increasing chances of success. Guides are being trained under this method, and results are even better than expected, we will continue researching all over this year, to start receiving guests from 2013.

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