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Permit: The most favorable days are those with winds up to 15 to 30 km/h, and we suggest: rod #10, floating fly line, tapered leader of 9" (easier to cast and 17.6 lbs as (fusible de rupture)).

Our staff recommends a leader of 3 segments with a length of 2.75 meters (9") with monofilament of 110cm of 0.55 --- 55cm of 0.46 --- 110cm of .38

The Avalon fly which we use in Cayo Largo and Jardines de la Reina is fantastic and has been responsible for the majority of the permit captures in our destinations. The imitations of crab and shrimp with bead eyes or (pesantes), so the can lower quickly, also work very well in natural colors, (lica) and white with orange principally.

Bonefish: We suggest #8 equipment. The rod should have fighting butt, the days should be of gentle winds to find this species in the (bajos) of the sand, a saltwater float line, and a leader similar to that used for permit, of 7 to 9 feet, with an end of 12 or 14 pounds. That is perfect for this species.

Tarpon: We suggest #10 / 11 tackle. The rod should have fighting butt, your reel must have capacity for at least 200 metres of 40lb backing, check the break of your reel as these silver bullets run like crazy once being hooked. You must bring a floating line to fish on the flats, as well as an intermediate sinking to fish reef areas, and deep charge line for the channels, leader must be 7 feet long, with a 60lb piece and an 80lb tip as shock tippet.

Snook: The equipment is similar to that used for Permit. The most effective flies are those with strong colors like yellow or green with (destellos) in reflective material. Leaders used are shorter and more resistant, of the same characteristics of those used for baby Tarpon, with ends in 40-60 pounds to avoid the fish hiding in the branches of the mangrove which would cut our flies.