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We use Dolphin Super skiffs at all our Avalon flats fishing destinations. The last one acquired was a new Dolphin 16 foot Super Skiff Pro. The original Dolphin Super Skiff has been a favorite of Florida bonefish guides for thirty years! It was the first skiff designed specifically for poling shallow flats that also had the ability to handle long runs in open bays through heavy chop and still provide a smooth ride for the guide and clients. The hull is designed with enough deep V to slice through the waves, turn and handle beautifully yet with a draft of only 8 inches, it’s a skiff the guides can pole on the shallowest bonefish flats.

Dolphin’s Super Skiff has been the choice of the finest lodges in the Caribbean for many years and has earned its reputation as the safest, quietest, stealthiest, best handling flats skiff on the planet!

We set up our Super Skiffs with the client’s comfort in mind. There is a lot of storage space for your rods and all your gear is stowed in a forward hatch where it will remain dry and keep the boat uncluttered. We also utilize a removable aluminum "leaning post" on the bow that give clients a very secure and comfortable way to stand up and fish in the roughest of conditions. They also greatly minimize the fatigue of fishing all day, especially for older anglers. They are easily removable for anglers that prefer to fish without them. Coolers are provided with plenty of ice, drinks and a great lunch for a day on the flats.

Our Super Skiffs have enough gasoline capacity (27 gallons) to be able to run very long distances in a day so that you can cover as much water as possible and still have an adequate amount of gas to get you home. There are no fuel limitations when you fish with Avalon - We don’t skimp on gas either like other lodges – you can run just as far as you would like to get to those far-off flats that often produce the finest fishing.

We equip our Super Skiffs with Yamaha 60/70 HP motors, one of the finest and most reliable outboard motors in existence. They allow the Dolphins to cross vast distances with a minimum of time so that you can maximize your fishing time! And of course all our skiffs are equipped with poling platforms that allow the guides to pole the boat quietly and precisely, while giving them the best possible view of approaching fish so that they can put you in the best position to maximize every opportunity.

Radio and life-jacket are aboard every boat.