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Best way to experience Avalon Fishing is in person -- of course. But between adventures, you can come to our client fly blog and live vicariously through other fly-fisherman.

This is where all Avalon fisherman come to hang out, share stories, compare pictures, and find out what is going on at Avalon Cuban Fishing Centers even when they can't join us.

Tight Lines,
Avalon Cuban Fishing Centers Team

Presently, according to OFAC regulations, legal trips to Cuba are under same regulations as before June 16th, with the possibility of traveling with an auto certification, as OFAC rules clearly establish that "The announced changes do not take effect until the new regulations are issued”, which will take sometime.

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As everyone knows, President Trump has announced a change of course regarding policies related to Cuba, especially with regard to travel and trade with this country. Many of the steps taken during the Obama administration could have been affected after these announcements.

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I travelled from the UK with my wife Janet on a return visit to Cayo Largo and after overnight at the Melia Havana we boarded the early plane at Baracoa airport for the short flight to paradise. Looking down on the crystal clear waters, I wondered how many schools of Bonefish were there, tantalisingly ( for now) just out of reach!

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Hi Everyone. It has been a while since my last post, largely due to the fact that I have been in Cuba for the past few weeks. More than a year in the making, I led a group of 6 anglers to the beautiful Jardines de la Reina. We stayed aboard the yacht Halcon, one of the smaller boats in the Avalon fleet.


Monday, 24 April 2017 by

With the addition of direct flights from USA to several airports, other than Havana, you now have the possibility to shorten your trip as well as save time and money.
Some of the non-stop flights from the States to other airports in Cuba are as follows:

American Angler Story

Tuesday, 02 February 2016 by

Cuba Libre Schools of permit, bonefish, and tarpon revive one angler’s grand-slam dreams in Hemingway’s waters. “He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf Stream and he had gone eighty-four days now without aking a fish.”

The Cuban and American governments have agreed to work hand in hand to protect marine life in the seas that join their countries, a move that represents the first environmental dividend of a thaw between the two Cold War foes.

Rumors from the Garden.

Monday, 21 September 2015 by

Cuba is a rumor mill, especially when the buzz involves ex-president Fidel Castro Ruiz. One thing we know for sure…. the aging leader is an environmentalist.
Castro – soon after the revolution – began replanting clear cut forest, experimenting with environmental friendly farming and launched a process which resulted in almost a quarter of the island’s lands and aquatic treasures now protected in parks and preserves.

A waning crescent moon hangs in a deep black sky sprinkled with stars. It’s quiet, very quiet, except for the rumble of distant thunder and the soft sounds of juvenile tarpon rising to breathe, rippling the mirrored surface of the mangrove lagoon. As if signaled by the faint light in the east, a school of jack crevalle erupts in a feeding frenzy. Then as quickly as it began, their fury ceases.

Come to the Garden.

Monday, 21 September 2015 by

Lit by the dawn sun, flocks of shimmering red flamingos huddle on sandbars dotting mangrove lined lagoons. Some defy gravity balanced on one spindly leg while others take flight in the early morning sky, their gangly silhouettes somewhat prehistoric in shape and size. I think to myself, this is a good thing.

In Fall of 2014 we were paid a visit from Filippo Invernizzi, owner of Avalon Cuban Fishing Centers, and Matias Gimenez their main travel specialist. As most everyone knows, relations with Cuba have been changing rapidly the past few months and travel restrictions are becoming increasingly easier with the Communist country of Cuba. Avalon is an Italian based company that has specialized in Cuba fishing and diving trips for over 20 years. They are also the only government licensed outfitter to fish in the highly protected marine parks like Jardines de la Reina.

Fishing Report December 2014

"During the week 29/11 - 05/12 the First MOLIX FISHING DREAM was held in a wonderful location: the JARDINES DE LA REINA in Cuba; on board of the new AVALON II YACHT! A UNIQUE and UNPRECEDENTED EVENT… with a perfect organization from Avalon! MOLIX STAFF has tested new products as rods, hard baits, soft baits, braid and hooks with great results!!!! In spite of the hard wind, the Molix Staff broken the wall of 1000 catches…, and some were really huge!!! Rumors say that the Staff were so happy, that the wall of 1000 Mojitos has been broken too…..!!!"

July Giant Tarpons

Fish for the Cure with Avalon Cuban Fishing Centers. Help Avalon CFC take action and take part in our “fish for the cure” cruise aboard the Avalon Fleet II luxury yacht for a week long woman’s only fly fishing adventure, in the pristine waters of Jardines de la Reina Cuba. Avalon will be donating $300 dollars to the OCA from every trip sold, our goal is to raise $6000 dollars total! Avalon invites you to join them March 6th- 14th this annual salt water fly fishing extravaganza.

July Giant Tarpons

The week of Aug 3rd to Aug 8th in Cayo Largo was fantastic. As you know, we fished from three skiffs, with four of my American angler friends, my friend Marcel and I. During the week we alternated skiffs.The weather was great except on the afternoon of the first day, it was a bit stormy. When we arrived at Club Sol, Mauro told us that they had caught, with his "fly", the Avalon Fly a total of 497 Permits since the beginning of the “Permit Club” and he wanted to reach 500 that week. So I told him I would try and everyone got really excited.

July Giant Tarpons

Gardens of the Queen, July tarpons are huge!! the southafrican team scored!!! Having this huge tarpon in the line makes you forget about everything else, if there·s a moment for refreshing the mind from all worries and stresses of life….this is the moment.

Avalon Fleet II

Avalon Fleet II, beautiful day in Jardines de La Reina, July´s first quarter, great permit fishing!, Rich landed first permit in the morning, then looking for tarpon and bonefish in the afternoon to complete a Grand Slam! and landed a second permit!!, double grand slam in the day. Arriving in the boat after an exciting day, Chef Edward waiting with a wonderful lobster grill. Does it get better than this? oooh yes! his wife Millie also landed permit, tarpon and bonefish, third Grand Slam for the couple!! Jardines de la Reina is shining for Rich and Millie with three Grand Slams and great sunsets.

Mangroves and seagrasses are essential habitats in Jardines de La Reina, one of the main reasons why the reefs and fish populations in Jardines are so intact and rich, is the exuberant mangrove system in the gulf of Ana Maria and keys along the Archipelago. This marine forests are huge nursery areas for the young fish, providing food and shelter, also contributing with a huge amount of organic material that comes out to the open areas with the rhythm of the tides. The water coming from the mainland due to the rain, is filtered by mangroves and seagrass, also the sediments from the muddy areas is al filtered keeping the reef safe from sedimentation.

When Christopher Robinson and the first Roxtons team set foot ashore Jardines De La Reina in 1994 to explore the potential fishing opportunity of this extraordinary fishery, they could never have envisaged that 20 years later the fishing would still be so good. Similarly they would never have believed that it was now possible to fish here in such comfort.

A week on Avalon Fleet 1 offers arguably the best way to spend a week's fishing anywhere in the world. Combine 7 friends (one other very sadly missed), superb tarpon fishing, knee-knocking permit fishing, fabulous food, service and what felt like 3,000 Cuba Libres each and it is hard to think of anywhere that I would rather have been.

Cuba remains a fascinating country to visit, regardless of whether fishing is the main draw or not. Havana has an energy and strangely a smell (not unpleasant) all of its own. Genuinely unthreatening, upbeat, full of life and full of fun it is probably the one city I would like to preserve in its present state forever.

JUCARO, Cuba — I stood on the bow of a Dolphin skiff anchored at the edge of a large channel in Jardines de la Reina. The incoming tide flooded through the strait with the Caribbean, a patchwork of shifting blues and greens, stretching to the south.

“They’re coming,” my guide, Leonardo Arche, cried out. A dozen silhouettes appeared 75 yards in front of the boat, their shape unmistakable against the white sand bottom as they moved toward us: tarpon.

“Cast now,” he barked. After two false casts, I dropped the fly, a chartreuse Toad with a menacing 3/0 hook, a few yards in front of the fish, 25 yards away.

“Strip,” Arche instructed. One strip of the fly, and a fish peeled away from the school. A second strip, and the tarpon’s basketball-size mouth closed over the fly.

“Set,” Arche yelled, and I pulled back hard on the line. The fish — 75 to 85 pounds, we estimated — catapulted into the air, sunlight sparkling upon its large silver scales and the droplets of water its flight had displaced.

Four Casts in Cuba

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 by

This month (May 2012) I am returning to Isla de la Juventud, which lies off the coast of Cuba. Since Avalon fishing centers opened it up to salt water anglers I have returned to this island every year, usually twice a year. Last year having caught large Tarpon every day with my boat partner Jack S. the 12th of May was to be just another day hunting Tarpon on the flats armed with a fly rod.

Jack took first watch as we poled a long flat, dark with turtle grass. Unusually quiet we did not see a fish in the first 30 minutes and Jack told me to take my turn on the front, (we rotate every half hour) and we swapped places.

Ten minutes into my “shift” our guide Renier called to say he had seen a fish, but it was now at right angles (9 oclock) to the boat and I needed to cast long and quick. I put the cast six feet in front of the Tarpon and one short strip and she ate the fly. One hard pull with the left hand set the hook and the sea exploded as 70lb of angry silver burst for the sky. This fish was indeed an acrobatic athlete and spent a lot of time making spectacular gill rattling leaps and lightning fast runs. Fish like this however, soon tire and I released the fish at the side of the boat, pausing only to lift her head for a photo before she swam away strongly, non the worse for making my day.

"60 Minutes" cameras take viewers on an underwater adventure to one of the world's most vibrant coral reefs. But as Anderson Cooper reports, reefs like these are dying and could disappear.

As exclusive retailers for Los Jardnes de La Reina in Cuba, we know this place is extremely special. With 20+ sharks on just about every dive, goliath grouper that 'buddy' you and the most beautiful and healthy reefs, Jardines is truly one of the last unspoilt reef systems there is. For divers, dive groups and clubs, the live-aboards operate on a weekly rotation from a Saturday to Friday throughout 11 months of the year, excluding September. Whale sharks are also often seen in November and early December on their migration. Bookings are taken 3 years in advance, and only 700 divers are permitted to visit this special place each calendar year.

November Grand Slam in Cayo Largo!

Thursday, 19 November 2012 by

After 5 years of intensive chasing for permit and grand slam I finally made it! The goal was achieved in Cayo Largo where I brought my family to the fantastic resort of Hotel Sol Cayo Largo. The place has residences scattered in an oasis of tropical plants and flowers, situated on the coral sand beaches and turquoise coloured sea. There are lots of different facilities like restaurants, bars, swimming pools, tennis courts, training centre, jacuzzi etc. - the perfect place to park your family while you are out fishing!

Everything was perfectly arranged by the Avalon personnel. I want especially to thank the camp manager Mauro, who with his experience, advice and his specially made shrimp fly gave me the cure to defeat the hard-to-catch permit. Mauro is managing the fishing in Cayo Largo in an excellent way with...