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Our luxury yacht is ready to take you to our most remote and pristine flats off the Isle of Youth, a fantastic, exclusive destination.

Our luxury yacht will take you to the most remote and pristine flats off the Isle of Youth. This is an exceptional and exclusive destination The Perola is a classy 75-foot luxury live-aboard yacht that we utilize for weekly trips to the most remote areas of the Canarreos Archipelago, the world famous chain of islands that runs eighty miles from the Isle of Youth to Cayo Largo. We’ll stop off at selected anchorages like Cayo Campo, the Cantilles islands and finally Cayo Rosario, which is renowned for some of the most outstanding flats fishing in all of Cuba. The Perola is a beautiful yacht, recently refurbished, and perfect for a group of six anglers. There are five very comfortable air-conditioned cabins below deck, most having their own private bath, with good showers and plenty of hot water. Anglers will really appreciate the large amount of storage space available in each of the rooms.

This is an impressive yacht, with highly polished hardwood floors and teak paneling. Circular stairways take you downstairs to the cabins or upstairs to the dining area on the top open-air deck. The top deck is covered and always remains in the shade, but open to the sea breeze, insuring our guests a very comfortable and insect-free environment. Clear plastic side coverings are utilized in harder winds or in inclement weather. Several comfortable rope hammocks are hung from the ceiling structure and can be lowered after lunch or dinner for a delightful nap in the breeze. A full sized, air-conditioned salon on the main deck level can be utilized for a living and dining area in extremely harsh weather. Fly tiers will like the full size table in the salon, and sinking into one of the salon’s plush couches with a good drink is the perfect end to a long day on the flats.

Cuisine on board the Perola is exceptional. Fresh fish of the day is utilized for most meals, either caught by the anglers themselves or harvested by the crew. Lobster and Conch are abundant can be had on a daily basis from the surrounding waters. Salads with fresh vegetables and a variety of fruits are always available. In addition, you’ll have excellent pork and chicken entrees during the week, fresh sashimi for appetizers and some of the finest frozen Daiquiris known to man. Traditional Cuban flan topped off with aged Havana Club Rum is one of the many unique and delicious deserts served. and – you can have seconds on anything your heart desires!

Anglers arriving in Gerona will stay aboard the Perola the first night, anchored at our private marina on the Jucaro River. Early the following morning, anglers will meet their guides, jump in the skiffs, fish and make their way east, to meet up with the Perola that evening in one of the selected anchorages. On the final fishing day, anglers will fish their way back to Gerona, re-board the Perola at our marina with time to take a refreshing shower and do their final packing, before departing on the evening flight to Havana.


On current year, Cuban rules for admission of items on board are stricter than past, for security reasons on domestic flights.

Hooks, nylons (including tippets, leaders, etc.), spray or fishing rods (regardless of size) are not allowed in hand luggage. They must be shipped as checked with bags.

For your convenience and luggage safety, we suggest to put some kind of lock on the luggage to be carried.

Thanks for understanding.

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