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Hotel Rancho

Fine accommodations in Nueva Gerona.

The Hotel Rancho El Tesoro is located on the outskirts of Gerona, the Isle of Youth’s largest city of 75,000 people. "Hotel Rancho" offers comfortable accommodations for our anglers with large single rooms for each angler. Each room has excellent beds, good AC, lots of storage space and excellent showers with plenty of hot water.

Your maids will clean your room each day and will also do laundry for you if you’d like. (Please leave a suitable tip for these extra services) Security at the hotel is excellent and the front desk is open on a 24 hour basis.

Anglers staying at Hotel Rancho have their own private dining room, exclusive from the other hotel guests as well as their own private chef and wait staff. The dining room is air-conditioned and used not only for meals but also as a place to relax before dinner with that perfect Mojito and perhaps a classic Cuban Cigar. Meals are superb, with a combination of classic Cuban dishes like smoked pork, chicken, black bean soup, rice and beans. Fresh fish like mutton snapper and grouper are also available and the French Fries are out of this world. Salads with fresh tomatoes and other vegetables are served with olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar dressing. Our chef is always happy to prepare sashimi from freshly caught fish of the day. Evening meals feature several different entrees, and our chef has often been accused of preparing enough food for twice the number of people we’ll have at the table. We can promise you that no one will go hungry while staying at the Hotel Rancho!

Taxi service is available for the short ride into Nueva Gerona. The people are friendly and it is fun to walk along the city streets in order to see what life is like in a typical Cuban city that is far different than Havana. There are several good bars where you can enjoy a Cuba Libre or a fine Mojito, and even a couple of discos where you’ll enjoy the infectious beat of the hottest sounds in Latin music. Rental cars are also available to tourists by the day or week.


On current year, Cuban rules for admission of items on board are stricter than past, for security reasons on domestic flights.

Hooks, nylons (including tippets, leaders, etc.), spray or fishing rods (regardless of size) are not allowed in hand luggage. They must be shipped as checked with bags.

For your convenience and luggage safety, we suggest to put some kind of lock on the luggage to be carried.

Thanks for understanding.

Avalon staff.

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