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Fly fishing only sanctuary, Cuba - Avalon Sustainability

Since the first fly was casted in 1993, Avalon has served as a leading example of how environmental sustainability and fly-fishing is essential in today's world.

by / Tuesday, 13 September 2016 / Published in Avalon Cuban Fishing Centers Blogspot

Having said this, we at Avalon, are proud to announce that starting with the 2017 season, Cuba will be home to the first "Fly Fishing Only" sanctuary, aiming to continue to improve not only the quality of the anglers experience, but most importantly the marine wildlife.

With the ever-growing interest in Cuba we have engaged in the implementation of sustainable tourism policy, based on a simple but growing set of principles and initiatives:

  1. Guaranteeing an efficient, secure and effective management of tourism operations in the park,
    Providing our clients full satisfaction and giving them an opportunity to live a unique experience are most important goal for Avalon, which only can be achieved by maintaining world-class standards and pristine ecosystems where marine live thrive. That is the reason we agreed to limit the number of tourists, jealously observe carrying capacity limits and good practices, have implemented a rotation system of fishing zones and limited the number of skiffs. We also continue working to diversify the options of low-impact activities for visitors, while excluding other that could represent some risk to biodiversity and ecosystems. Training of our staff is also a priority tool, as new lessons can be learned every day elsewhere, and new knowledge is available for a better management of our operations.
  2. Reducing the ecological footprint of tourism operations,
    It is our policy to minimize pollution, and reduce the generation of solid waste in Jardines de la Reina National Park. To this aim, Avalon has been providing our live-boards with technology and procedures to avoid direct dumping of waste and ballast waters in the park, a measure that will be required to any boat visiting the park. Freshwater is a valuable, scarce resource in the park. That is why our live-boards are outfitted with technology designed for saving water. However, your contribution to this objective is what ultimately will determine our achievements on this regard.
  3. Returning benefits to the park authority and local communities in order to guarantee the long term preservation of the natural heritage,
    Avalon is very aware that conservation is at the very core of its business. So, besides collaborating with Flora y Fauna, we are committed to share the economic benefits of tourism operations. We thank you, our faithful clients, because your contribution not only help us to provide you a service of excellence, but to continue guaranteeing the long-term effective protection of the natural wonders you are privileged to enjoy in Jardines de la Reina National Park.

    Additionally, we are extending a helping hand in form of education and training for those who are disadvantaged in society, building seamless pathways of education that connect basic education, vocational training, labor market entry and lifelong learning.
  4. Supporting conservation through an alliance for sound management, efficient enforcement and systematic monitoring of the national park,
    Avalon has partnered Flora y Fauna, the legal manager of the national park, to provide wide support to the best management of the park. To this aim,Avalon is supporting Flora y Fauna by:
    • Helping the development of a science-based, up to date, clear and accepted regulatory framework, through a new management plan with PM with an accepted zoning and clear regulations for all the users of the area
    • Facilitating a better management system to face potentially increase of demand of access to the park
    • Sharing information and assisting in field enforcement and monitoring

  5. Supporting research, monitoring, and conservation and sustainable use projects carried out by Cuban scientists and conservationists,
    Avalon is committed to support research, monitoring, and conservation and sustainable use projects in the park and its surrounding areas. While Avalon has hired the services of Cuba’s top marine science institutions and provided varied support to marine expeditions to Jardines de la Reinafor many years, is willing to go further and explore new avenues to continue deepening the scientific knowledge that hold up wise management decision in the park.

We hope that the passion we hold as anglers for fly-fishing help drive our initiatives and innovative ideas for a true environmental sustainable paradise.