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Avalon Fleet I

A new exclusive destination with personalized service in the “Gardens of the Queen”.

Avalon Fleet I is an intimate, comfortable and stylishly designed yacht, where each space is created to provide its guests with maximum comfort and safety. The atmosphere was conceived and designed to provide our guests with an experience of a lifetime.

Its overall capacity is 18 passengers and 8 crew members. We suggest between 8 and 12 anglers for optimum comfort. The design and interior decor give the yacht a touch of intimacy, refinement, a sense of warmth and simplicity. The boat has the perfect balance of substantial exploration capabilities and a unique and noble style. It guarantees all our guests a pleasant, exciting and exclusive voyage through Jardines de la Reina.

The mothership’s cabins have been built with extreme care, emphasizing the importance of comfort and safety above all else. You’ll also find a blend of exquisite décor and great taste, so you definitely won’t miss anything from home. You’ll also experience our warm and attentive service during your trip.

There are 8 deluxe king cabins, with 7 private bathrooms, with air conditioning and heat controls, electricity plugs, as well as storage in drawers. Each room has panoramic windows to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Caribbean beaches.

There is a spacious and comfortable combination lounge, dining room and bar area on the boat deck. This is where you will do much of your socializing and dining. The setting is casual and filled with fun and entertainment. In this area you can find DVDs and music to add even more enjoyment to your stay.

In cabins and common areas there are electric sockets available for you to plug in your personal items (220 volts and 110 volts).

The Avalon Fleet I is heaven-on-earth. We offer queen size beds, hot tub and a lounge to make you feel at home with excellent visual/audio equipment. and of course, amazing Cuban gastronomy that we will treat you to throughout your entire stay, served with international wines and local liquors and desserts.

After savoring each gastronomic adventure kick back and enjoy drinks of your choice, prepared by our bartenders.

* Avalon Fleet will be in:

Isla de la Juventud from February till August, 2018

Anglers must arrive and overnight in Havana on the Friday directly before the fishing week. On Saturday, they will fly to Isla de Juventud where they will enjoy seven nights and six full days of fishing and luxury aboard the Avalon Fleet I mothership. On the following Saturday, guests will fly to Havana where they will overnight and fly home on Sunday. The round trip flight between Havana and Isla de Juventud is included in the fishing package.

Jardines de la Reina from september, 2018

Anglers arriving on Saturday in Camaguey, Santa Clara, or Cayo Coco to fish Jardines de la Reina will stay aboard their luxury yacht the first night of arrival. Early the following morning, the anglers will meet their guides and depart to the pristine saltwater flats of Jardines de la Reina where they will fish for six full days. At the end of the final fishing day, anglers will transfer back to Jucaro port, where they will overnight on their mothership. On Saturday, everyone will disembark with plenty of time to make their respective flights from Camaguey, Santa Clara, or Cayo Coco airports.

Anglers who choose to fly into Havana will arrive on Friday, overnight in Havana, then transfer to Jucaro port on Saturday for their fishing week aboard the mothership. On the following Saturday, these guests will return to Havana where they will overnight and depart home on Sunday.

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